About The Consciousness Place

The Consciousness Place (TCP) was created to provide a spot for anyone who wants to interrupt the fast pace of the world. In the time spent here it is possible to slow down, breathe, quiet your thoughts, re-energize, and take away information to make life more fulfilling.

Living Consciously

TCP advocates Living Consciously. As we discover the power of our own consciousness and how transformational it is, we are able to live our lives with new meaning maintaining harmony and balance. Living Consciously means one is aware of what one is doing unencumbered by the burdens of life. It is through higher consciousness life is easier more peaceful and joyful. Living Consciously makes the human experience richer.

Living more consciously is a choice. There is a Spiritual connection. This requires a soul centered approach which means each individual discovers their own internal power through a connection with a higher power. Terms that are often used to describe a higher power are Buddah, God, Christ, Mu hammed, Spirit and Shiva to name a few. The qualities of living a conscious life are authenticity, presence, integrity, compassion, wisdom, kindness, and Love.

What is a Soul Centered Person?

A soul centered person is an individual who through Intention lives each day in greater awareness using the skills of authenticity, presence, integrity, compassion, wisdom, and kindness. Their hearts are open to the power and passions of the role they play in supporting another person’s journey through a health/life challenge. Their presence serves as a Light for others to become soul centered.


Our Love For Soul Centered Nurses

TCP is owned by Suzanne Ward, MN, MA, RN, CNOR (E), GC-C. Suzanne is a nurse who became disillusioned about being a nurse and it was her journey back to Living Consciously that birthed this website. Learn more about Suzanne. Visit our page For Nurses.