Meditate on Beauty

Meditation is focused thought or contemplation. It is the opposite of the rapid brain gymnastics we do everyday to keep ahead of our busy schedules. Meditation requires us to slow down.

We offer a 1-minute or longer meditation that you can experience anywhere. It is amazing what just 1 minute can do to change your energy & attitude bringing you back to center. In support of that process it is often helpful to focus on a specific object to keep our minds still. Before you start review the suggested steps or just scroll down and select the Meditation Button.

  1. Create an environment that is comfortable for you. If you can sit, relax in a chair. If not, make yourself as comfortable as possible. Being in a place absent of interruptions is the best. You may experience this meditation process in silence or you may listen to the beautiful music provided.
  2. Click on Meditation Link at the end of these instructions. Focus on this beautiful picture. Activate the music if you want.
  3. Take several deep breaths from deep down in your tummy.
  4. Gently keep your mind empty of all life's business-it will be waiting for you when you come back.
  5. Look at the picture, relax, and let the picture into your soul. Are you holding your breath? Gently remind yourself to breathe, breathe, and breathe. Select the play button and the music will repeat until you exit the page so take your time.
  6. When you are ready to return to life, wash your hands if you can and take a few moments before you resume your regular activities.
  7. When you are ready please begin.