Making self-nurturing choices is a sign of self-respect. If you love nurturing others it is necessary for you to self-nurture first. At TCP we support self-nurturing and self-loving because it is important for your greater consciousness journey.

We are here to support your self-nurturing. Everything here is designed to give you time to breathe through meditation, looking at beautiful pictures, and getting grief and other support. Select the choice that is right for you today.

In my personal experience it was very difficult for me to learn to self-nurture because I really didn't know how. I learned as a nurse how to care for others but I never learned how to care about me. Meditating or just looking at a beautiful picture, hearing beautiful music for just a minute can change your energy and revitalize you. We have made it easy for you and it takes no time at all.

Don't know where to start? We are here to help.