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Sweet Smells Are Everywhere

It is early in the morning and I am on my daily walking meditation.  I live in a gated community and the grounds keepers come out early to do their work.  They can get their uniforms dirty during their work day.  One maintenance worker was driving towards me in his noisy cart.  I notice how dusty and dirty the cart was; full of leaves etc.  I could smell that muffler smell!  As he passed me I got a faint smell of a fragrance.  Initially I thought is was a new flower that was in bloom and then I realized it was the smell of the aftershave of the gardener. 

I smiled to myself and imagined how he puts on his clean uniform each morning and just as he completes getting dressed on goes the aftershave so when he goes out into the world he feels good about himself.  He does this in spite of his knowing that within a short period of time, after arriving at work, he is going to be dirty but he will still smell great.

This made me think of my self-nurturing processes.  I realized that I regularly never take time to do the equivalent of applying my aftershave.  I run a comb through my hair thinking “why put on lip gloss or earrings?  Who is looking?  When have I taken the time to look in the mirror and affirm to myself that I like the way I look? Then I remind myself that II understand that my outer self is reflecting my inner self. I made a mental note to spend some time with this thought when I did my journal writing.

That gardener and the smell of his aftershave was a reminder to pay attention to my self-nurturing and to do the things that make me feel good and that I can carry with me through the day. I am beautiful, I am good, I am a blessing to the work. What a sweet smell-self nurturing! What does your self-nurturing smell like?

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